What We Do

Our Services

  • English Language Teaching and Testing

    Ednastics is committed to the development and implementation of best practices for second language acquisition, teaching and assessment. We provide comprehensive solutions, including program administration, curriculum/materials development, teacher recruitment/training, technological integration and the assessment of skills in accordance with international standards (TOEFL iBT, IELTS and TOEIC), for developing or improving English language training programs in both public and private sectors.

    • – ‘bridge’ or EAP (English for Academic Purposes) programming to prepare students linguistically and academically for entry into post-secondary study with English language as the medium of instruction .
    • – general ELT (English Language Training) programs for any audience or proficiency level.
    • – customized ESP (English for Specific Purposes) programs for business, aviation, medical, military, tourism, etc.
  • Educational Technology Solutions

    Our experience using technology in education goes back to the earliest days of the personal computer. Since then, our team has kept up to date with the latest innovations in technology and has worked extensively to utilize this power to facilitate learning. We offer a wide range of tech solutions for your educational needs.

    • Interactive Learning Platforms – harnessing the unlimited power of the open source platform, MOODLE, to act as an interactive learning environment and communication hub for teachers, staff and students alike.
    • Blended/Distance Learning Solutions – technical infrastructure and theoretical knowledge to provide distance and blended (combination of distance and face to face) learning solutions for your students.
    • Mobile Learning – e-learning solutions for taking advantage of the power of smartphones and tablets to supplement classroom teaching; or for regions that have little or no access to the internet, we develop solutions for using a simple mobile phone to act as a learning tool.
    • Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) – from basic offline computer programs to advanced internet applications, we provide solutions for using computers to assist in the development of English for speakers of other languages (ESOL).
    • Digital Libraries – the modernization of educational institutions requires the rapid development of e-libraries. We provide solutions for developing or converting existing libraries into a digital resource.
  • Institutional Improvement

    Whether a small start-up school or a well-established institution, Ednastics is dedicated to increasing organizational effectiveness and improving the quality of educational services in a wide range of areas.

    • Education Management and Leadership customized training workshops and retreats in best practices for educational leadership for program coordinators and school principals.
    • Curriculum Improvement – adjustment of curriculum to keep pace with a rapidly changing world and current  best practices in educational methodology.
    • Student Life Services – solutions to increase student motivation, health, diet and provide more dynamic classes and activities in fine arts, leadership, athletics, outdoor education, speech and debate, student exchange, etc.
    • Standardization and Accreditation curriculum review, assessment and feedback, curriculum and standards alignment, accreditation and institutional affiliation support.
  • School Start-ups

    Drawing on a broad range of educational program development experience across the globe, Ednastics provides comprehensive school start-up services. Whether public or private, primary, secondary or post-secondary, academic, vocational or professional, we are committed to assisting and/or leading school start-up operations at any stage of development.

    • Feasibility Study – targeted market research to assess the demand for education services offered by school start-up or viability of expansion in a particular region
    • Academic Program Development – a comprehensive academic program that includes a curriculum framework, suggested materials, assessment tools and technological tools and platforms
    • Management Services – human resources, budgeting/finance, course scheduling/timetabling, marketing and general administration of educational programs
    • Learning Management Systems – using the powerful open source tool, Moodle, to manage academic content and provide a framework for communication within the academic community
    • Curriculum Writing – defining learning goals/outcomes and designing/implementing the curriculum to achieve them
    • Hiring Talents – recruitment, hiring, training and supervision of teachers and support staff from local and international talent pools
    • Student Information System (SIS) – a powerful and user-friendly database to manage students information including demographics, grades, progress reports, attendance, parent portal and transcripts
  • Educational Development

    Literacy Development and Lifelong learning Programs:

    At a personal level, strong literacy skills are vital for success in school and help unlock the door to a fulfilling life.  At a national level, there has been a strong correlation between a country’s prosperity and its national literacy rate. Internationally, if the world had more literate, more educated and thus more informed global citizens, the world would be a different place. Unfortunately, 781 million adults are unable to read or write. Overall, more than half of the countries in world have literacy rates of 95% or higher, and most of these in the developing countries. Read more about this here.

    In partnering with educational institutions, schools and governments, as well as nongovernmental organizations, our multilingual , interculturally competent team of educators has a diverse expertise in working with adult, youth and school aged children in teaching literacy in their first or second languages. Based on a rigorous and customized literacy assessment, we develop appropriate solutions, and support the implementation of effective literacy strategies for schools and other educational institutions.  Literacy development services  at Ednastics include the following:

    • Develop effective literacy framework for schools for first or second language learners
    • Design the implementation framework for a sustainable national-level literacy campaign
    • Devise appropriate and accurate literacy assessment tools
    • Integrate effective literacy skills seamlessly into school curriculums
    • Establish adult literacy centers thus improving self-confidence and livelihood skills


    Teacher Training Programs:  

    Teacher training is at the core of teaching effectiveness which in turn  improves the overall quality of education at any institution .

    • Pre-service Teacher Training Programs: In collaboration with local educational institutions, we develop a customized teacher-training curriculum for aspiring teachers based on a robust and comprehensive needs assessment.
    • In-service Teacher Training Programs. In working with schools and other local institutions, we develop a contextualized in-house teacher-training framework that focuses on specific institutional needs.
    • Professional Development Workshops: We organize and implement mini- conferences, seminars, webinars, and workshops for institutions and schools on specific areas of need. Services may include classroom and time management skills, English language training for teachers,  teacher-student rapport, student motivation, technology in the classroom, teaching methodology and skills, student evaluation and giving effective feedback.


    Curriculum Development:

    Curriculum is what drives teaching and learning as well as all other policies related to education. A robust, harmonized and well-planned curriculum helps institutions and nations to compete in the global economy, developing engaged thinkers, entrepreneurs, responsible citizens and lifelong learners. Ednastics has the local insight and the international perspectives needed to renew existing curriculum or develop a well-balanced, comprehensive curriculum package. We pre-evaluate and consider the needs and the aspirations of all stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, and schools. At the macro level, we ensure that curriculum is in line with national and international standards. To accomplish such a harmonized and standards-based curriculum, our experts can lead and support institutions in the following areas:

    • Curriculum development: Create new curriculum package, which includes curriculum framework, outcome-based course development, lesson plans as well as core and supplemental teaching materials as well as offering advice on strategic planning, policies and capacity building.
    • Curriculum renewal: Assess current curriculum and resources and align them  with all applicable standards in light of best practices in curriculum design.
    • Nationwide curriculum reform: Review existing curricula and offer standards-based curriculum re-alignment and harmonization incorporating the aspirations of the nation and its future leaders.


    Research Services:

    We have an in-depth experience and passion for research. We are well versed with current research methodologies and paradigms. We do corpus-based/corpus-driven research, design-based research, quantitative and qualitative research, as well as mixed methods research.

    • Research methodology Training: We offer workshops and courses for teachers, senior management, policy makers, students and others whose work is closely linked to their capacity in conducting and interpreting research.
    • Commissioned Research:  We partner with institutions and organizations in carrying out commissioned research in conceptualizing and articulating research question, conducting fieldwork and data collection, analyzing and producing meaningful results.
  • Language Revitalization Programs

    If immediate action is not taken, more than half of the world’s languages will cease to exist by 2100. Some linguists even predict that only 10% of world’s 6000 plus languages may survive by the turn of the next century, which will leave us with approximately 600 languages.

    One of the pressing challenges that the world faces today is how to find ways to sustain linguistic diversity of the world as inherited from our fore bearers. If an endangered language dies, local knowledge and worldviews disappears with it, parts of our collective history and wisdom as well as the identity and uniqueness of the people who speak that language. Experts at Ednastics can assist governments and communities to reclaim and strengthen their identities by reviving their own languages before the situation deteriorates. Here are some of the interventions we offer:

    • Conduct a preliminary study in designing appropriate research methodology in the assessment of the vitality or determining  the health status of any language.
    • Develop effective tools including technological solutions towards the revitalization, and documentation of languages that are threatened or moving towards endangerment status.
    • Offer expert advice on language policy and planning and share insights on best practices in the area of language endangerment and revitalization.
    • Implement comprehensive language engineering programs including building a national language database, helping develop language lexicon and creating a platform for community mobilization efforts.
  • Publishing and Materials Development

    With over 20 years of experience in publishing and materials development, Ednastics has the expertise and knowledge in conceptualizing, designing developing in-house textbooks and resources materials.  A few examples of our services include:

    • Development of  supplemental resources for schools and other institutions
    • Building  digital learning resources
    • Development  and publishing  customized textbooks
    • Reforming  and rewriting  nationwide content material and resources