Benadir University’s new Center for Languages to enhance English communication and life skills


In a significant stride towards global connectivity and enhanced career prospects for Somali students, Benadir University (BU) recently unveiled its pioneering English Language Program with the establishment of the Center for Languages (CFL). Developed in collaboration with Ednastics, Benadir University’s Center for Languages is tailored to equip BU students with the language and life skills essential for today’s globalized academic and professional landscapes.

Benadir University Center for Languages

Benadir University’s Center for Languages is a unique learner-centered, integrated English program that aims to equip students with the English and life skills needed for university and career success. Students learn essential 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, study skills, collaboration and social responsibilities while taking their English courses.

Effective this academic year 2023/24, incoming BU students will be enrolled in an English foundation program that follows best practices for language development based on Common European Framework of  Reference (CEFR).

In partnership with international education publishers led by educators at Ednastics, similar programs were implemented by Simad University, City University, Jamhuriya University of Science and Technology, Puntland State University and elsewhere across the horn of Africa.

Global Employment Opportunities through English Mastery

Benadir University’s Center for Languages equips students with practical English skills crucial for international communication, academics, and career development. The program emphasizes real-world applications, preparing students to confidently navigate global settings and connect with diverse cultures.

Benadir University Center for Languages

A 2019 investigation into the correlation between English proficiency and employability emphasized the criticality of English language skills for job seekers, as identified by employers. Further research underlines the indispensable nature of proficient English communication for individuals aiming to excel in their careers, asserting that adeptness in English significantly enhances career prospects and, consequently, improves quality of life.

Pathway to International Universities

Top universities worldwide, teaching in English, link academic achievement closely with English proficiency. Prestigious institutions such as UCLA and Oxford require minimum English test scores (IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL 85-100) for admission. Similarly, the University of British Columbia, the University of Minnesota, and the American University in Dubai set their benchmarks at IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 80. Other notable universities have comparable requirements. To address this, Somali students lacking these scores enroll in foundational programs, aiming to eliminate such educational hurdles nationally.

Recent research by the British Council and the University of Oxford takes the issue further. The study in which 55 countries participated  found that teachers, parents and students in the world see learning effectively through English as a passport to a global world.

Commitment to Excellence

Benadir University’s Center for Languages prioritizes high standards and accessibility, ensuring comprehensive language education. It aims to be a leading entity in Somalia for its quality education and its role in student advancement.

Benadir University Center for Languages

Future-Ready Education

BU’s language program is a strategic investment in students’ futures, aligning with the global marketplace demands and fostering essential skills for academic and career success.

Benadir University Center for Languages

A Curriculum Designed for Excellence

The English program introduces the “Speak Your Mind” series by Macmillan Education, specifically selected for its modern approach to language learning. This comprehensive curriculum is structured across five progressive levels, ensuring a seamless development from basic understanding to advanced proficiency. It emphasizes practical language use, critical thinking, and the integration of digital resources, preparing students for the demands of the contemporary world.

  • ENG01 – Elementary
  • ENG02 – Pre-Intermediate
  • ENG03 – Intermediate
  • ENG04 – Upper-Intermediate
  • ENG05 – Advanced
Macmillan Speak Your Mind

The curriculum is rooted in practicality, focusing on essential language skills, critical thinking, and collaborative projects. It’s designed for tangible outcomes, enhancing students’ English proficiency and preparing them for real-world challenges.

Features and Benefits

Better Thinking

Class openers and frequent “Thinking skills” tasks throughout each unit stimulate all types of thinking and provide students with plenty of opportunity to understand, manipulate and generate information.

Macmillan Speak Your Mind

Life Skills

“Language and Life” lessons in every unit help students develop the skills they need for success. The lessons take students through a step-by-step process in which they work together to analyze a problem, solve it or create a proposal in a real-life scenario.

Macmillan Speak Your Mind

Study Skills

Study Skills lessons in every second unit teach students how to do efficient research, give presentations and how to improve their memory.

Macmillan Speak Your Mind

Confident Communication

At the start of every unit, students are encouraged to share what they already know and build on the knowledge and language they already have. These ‘vlog’ style videos provide a model for discussion and encourage students to speak their minds.

Macmillan Speak Your Mind

Frequent Practice Opportunities

Every lesson ends with a specific communicative outcome and a collaborative task in which students use the target language and grammar from the lesson to communicate their ideas and express their opinions.

Macmillan Speak Your Mind

Language and Speaking Strategies

Each unit provides tips on functional language and speaking strategies to help students initiate a conversation, keep it going and overcome communication problems.

Macmillan Speak Your Mind

Life Readiness

Students become familiar with the specifics of particular jobs in “Follow a Pro” lessons and documentary style videos which follow a day in the life of a particular profession, providing additional language input and helping students connect language practice directly to real life.

Macmillan Speak Your Mind

Innovative Learning Environment

Benadir University’s Center for Languages combines traditional methods with advanced technology, offering resources like an online workbook and a mobile app for flexible learning. This ensures students gain relevant skills for academic achievements and professional environments.

Digital Support

Flexible, on-the-go practice and digital tools in a mobile app allow students to continue learning outside the classroom in an interactive, engaging and gamified environment.

Macmillan Speak Your Mind

A digital workbook also provide students with the ability to complete homework tasks to help further aid their English language acquisition and allows for engagement between the teacher and student online.

Macmillan Speak Your Mind

Learning Beyond Textbooks

As experts in language education, Ednastics prioritizes diverse learning styles in their curriculum development, focusing on a student-centered methodology that promotes active engagement through inquiry-driven and communicative tasks relevant to real-world scenarios.

The emphasis is on providing abundant opportunities for language immersion, such as extensive reading and listening, particularly beneficial in initial learning stages. Students engaged in the Center for Languages experience practical application of language through projects, discussions, and presentations, mirroring authentic usage.

Furthermore, the curriculum is enriched with essential 21st-century skills, enabling learners to acquire a broad set of competencies including creative and critical thinking, effective communication, collaborative teamwork, and the foundational skills for continuous learning beyond English proficiency.

The Implementing Partner 

Ednastics is an education consultancy firm, content distributor and partner with international content and assessment providers and offices in Dubai, Kenya and Somalia. It worked with the University of Wollongong, Australia’s premier university in Dubai, Simad University, City University, Jamhuriya University in Mogadishu, Puntland State University and established Northstar College in Hargeisa in addition to supporting other education providers in the region. Ednastics has the local insight and international experience required to deliver learning solutions that are centered on learner success, including Benadir University’s Center for Languages.

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