IELTS scores of increasing importance for UAE teachers


The International English Language Teaching System (IELTS) developed by Cambridge, British Council and IDP is the global standard for assessing English language proficiency. Owing to high test security and strict adherence to procedures, it is recognized by governments and educational institutions in the world as the paradigm for demonstrating English language proficiency.

In accordance with the upcoming 2017 UAE-wide teacher licensing scheme and the 2012 declaration requiring UAE teachers to improve English proficiency: “maths teachers need to achieve a minimum academic IELTS band of 5.5, whereas English language teachers need to place at the 6.5 band or above” (Rashid Al Abdouli, professional development specialist at the Abu Dhabi Education Council), further training and test preparation services for schools and teachers is needed. Furthermore, Ednastics has recently learned from a contacts at a UAE national school in Dubai that the requirements have recently increased to 6.5 for science/math teachers and 7.5 for English language teachers.

Undoubtedly there is a currently gap between the current English language level of non-native English speaking teachers in the UAE and the goal set by the ministry; however, Ednastics endeavors to reduce this gap through specialized, intensive, effective training and test preparation for teachers.

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33 thoughts on “IELTS scores of increasing importance for UAE teachers

  1. What if a teacher teaching English Social Studies teaching in an international school in Dubai gets an IELTS score of 7 and not 7.5 does she /he loose their job?

  2. I need an IELTS certificate to join as music teacher in Dubai. What should be my score n how should I get about it. Pls instruct me. Tks.

  3. Hi, I would like to achieve a high score of IELTS exam (6), I did 5 times IELTS exam but unfortunately, my score was 5 .
    Do you assist me on my issue?

  4. Hello,I have a bachelor of science degree in agric economics,but not in education.can I teach in uae if I have ielts academic with my bsc degree?

  5. i want to apply as a computer science teacher post in dubai .can you please inform me which ielts test i have to qualify(academic or general) and what should be my band?

  6. Is it possible to get a job in Dubai and later go for the IELTS? To teach English language, what is the latest required band? Is there any other alternative test to IELTS? Thanks, Tonnie

  7. I am a Nigerian but want to come over to Dubai to sit for the ielts test. What are the steps to take. Thanks.

  8. Hi, I am a Nigerian but want to come over to Dubai to sit for the ielts test. What are the steps to take concerning the travelling arrangement. Thanks. Odewabi Temitope

  9. What about physical education teachers? do we have to make the general or academic test? And what brand we need to get?

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