Language Revitalization Programs


If immediate action is not taken, more than half of the world’s languages will cease to exist by 2100. Some linguists even predict that only 10% of world’s 6000 plus languages may survive by the turn of the next century, which will leave us with approximately 600 languages.

One of the pressing challenges that the world faces today is how to find ways to sustain linguistic diversity of the world as inherited from our fore bearers. If an endangered language dies, local knowledge and worldviews disappears with it, parts of our collective history and wisdom as well as the identity and uniqueness of the people who speak that language. Experts at Ednastics can assist governments and communities to reclaim and strengthen their identities by reviving their own languages before the situation deteriorates. Here are some of the interventions we offer:

  • Conduct a preliminary study in designing appropriate research methodology in the assessment of the vitality or determining  the health status of any language.
  • Develop effective tools including technological solutions towards the revitalization, and documentation of languages that are threatened or moving towards endangerment status.
  • Offer expert advice on language policy and planning and share insights on best practices in the area of language endangerment and revitalization.
  • Implement comprehensive language engineering programs including building a national language database, helping develop language lexicon and creating a platform for community mobilization efforts.

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