Educational Development


Literacy Development and Lifelong learning Programs:

At a personal level, strong literacy skills are vital for success in school and help unlock the door to a fulfilling life.  At a national level, there has been a strong correlation between a country’s prosperity and its national literacy rate. Internationally, if the world had more literate, more educated and thus more informed global citizens, the world would be a different place. Unfortunately, 781 million adults are unable to read or write. Overall, more than half of the countries in world have literacy rates of 95% or higher, and most of these in the developing countries. Read more about this here.

In partnering with educational institutions, schools and governments, as well as nongovernmental organizations, our multilingual , interculturally competent team of educators has a diverse expertise in working with adult, youth and school aged children in teaching literacy in their first or second languages. Based on a rigorous and customized literacy assessment, we develop appropriate solutions, and support the implementation of effective literacy strategies for schools and other educational institutions.  Literacy development services  at Ednastics include the following:

  • Develop effective literacy framework for schools for first or second language learners
  • Design the implementation framework for a sustainable national-level literacy campaign
  • Devise appropriate and accurate literacy assessment tools
  • Integrate effective literacy skills seamlessly into school curriculums
  • Establish adult literacy centers thus improving self-confidence and livelihood skills


Teacher Training Programs:  

Teacher training is at the core of teaching effectiveness which in turn  improves the overall quality of education at any institution .

  • Pre-service Teacher Training Programs: In collaboration with local educational institutions, we develop a customized teacher-training curriculum for aspiring teachers based on a robust and comprehensive needs assessment.
  • In-service Teacher Training Programs. In working with schools and other local institutions, we develop a contextualized in-house teacher-training framework that focuses on specific institutional needs.
  • Professional Development Workshops: We organize and implement mini- conferences, seminars, webinars, and workshops for institutions and schools on specific areas of need. Services may include classroom and time management skills, English language training for teachers,  teacher-student rapport, student motivation, technology in the classroom, teaching methodology and skills, student evaluation and giving effective feedback.


Curriculum Development:

Curriculum is what drives teaching and learning as well as all other policies related to education. A robust, harmonized and well-planned curriculum helps institutions and nations to compete in the global economy, developing engaged thinkers, entrepreneurs, responsible citizens and lifelong learners. Ednastics has the local insight and the international perspectives needed to renew existing curriculum or develop a well-balanced, comprehensive curriculum package. We pre-evaluate and consider the needs and the aspirations of all stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, and schools. At the macro level, we ensure that curriculum is in line with national and international standards. To accomplish such a harmonized and standards-based curriculum, our experts can lead and support institutions in the following areas:

  • Curriculum development: Create new curriculum package, which includes curriculum framework, outcome-based course development, lesson plans as well as core and supplemental teaching materials as well as offering advice on strategic planning, policies and capacity building.
  • Curriculum renewal: Assess current curriculum and resources and align them  with all applicable standards in light of best practices in curriculum design.
  • Nationwide curriculum reform: Review existing curricula and offer standards-based curriculum re-alignment and harmonization incorporating the aspirations of the nation and its future leaders.


Research Services:

We have an in-depth experience and passion for research. We are well versed with current research methodologies and paradigms. We do corpus-based/corpus-driven research, design-based research, quantitative and qualitative research, as well as mixed methods research.

  • Research methodology Training: We offer workshops and courses for teachers, senior management, policy makers, students and others whose work is closely linked to their capacity in conducting and interpreting research.
  • Commissioned Research:  We partner with institutions and organizations in carrying out commissioned research in conceptualizing and articulating research question, conducting fieldwork and data collection, analyzing and producing meaningful results.

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