School Start-ups


Drawing on a broad range of educational program development experience across the globe, Ednastics provides comprehensive school start-up services. Whether public or private, primary, secondary or post-secondary, academic, vocational or professional, we are committed to assisting and/or leading school start-up operations at any stage of development.

  • Feasibility Study – targeted market research to assess the demand for education services offered by school start-up or viability of expansion in a particular region
  • Academic Program Development – a comprehensive academic program that includes a curriculum framework, suggested materials, assessment tools and technological tools and platforms
  • Management Services – human resources, budgeting/finance, course scheduling/timetabling, marketing and general administration of educational programs
  • Learning Management Systems – using the powerful open source tool, Moodle, to manage academic content and provide a framework for communication within the academic community
  • Curriculum Writing – defining learning goals/outcomes and designing/implementing the curriculum to achieve them
  • Hiring Talents – recruitment, hiring, training and supervision of teachers and support staff from local and international talent pools
  • Student Information System (SIS) – a powerful and user-friendly database to manage students information including demographics, grades, progress reports, attendance, parent portal and transcripts

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