Top 5 Tips for Learning English at Work


Without a doubt, the pandemic has been a catalyst for digital learning and innovation, leading HR leaders to implement new digital learning practices across their workforce. More than ever, it is important to think about how you will develop the skills of your employees in a virtual environment, in order to encourage personal and professional growth.

Enhancing the language skills of the workforce is an obvious way to increase employee retention, increase talent acquisition, improve sales processes, and increase customer satisfaction. The good news is that digital language learning tools have never been better. Ednastics has partnered with international English language content developers to provide learning opportunities for busy professionals.

Here are the top 5 tips that you can share with your colleagues in order to achieve effective language learning at work:

MotivationSet goals and rewards. 

Identify why you need to learn the language and focus on your end goals to motivate you to put in the hard work needed to succeed.

TimeFind out when you learn best. 

Most works prefer practice new languages in the late afternoon when most important tasks of the day have been completed.

PlaceCreate the perfect learning space.

Find a quiet and comfortable place you can study, where you can speak and pronounce words without feeling shy or distracted.

FocusMake sure you can concentrate on your learning.

Put away any distractions, mute your computer’s notifications, and make sure to mark learning time on your calendar so that those you work closely with know you’ll be busy during that time.

Duration and RelevancyOrganize your learning slots and max out the efficiency

We think that 20 minute sessions 3 times a week is enough time if you consistently work towards learning English through the course of a year; however each person has their own needs.

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